Hi, I’m Steve Holloway and many thanks for visiting. This website is dedicated to business life and the bottom line is to help you put more money in your pocket.


Seriously, if “Business is your Goal Choice”, then your lacking in “all round” business profit drivers that are proven successful can only bring a mediocre result when it comes to your profitability. Make sure you give yourself the chance to become aware by using my business building strategies and tactics. You will have so much more excitement when it comes to the bottom-line in your business…

Until I went full-time with business training and consulting in 1987, I was the owner of Holloway Diamonds in London, Canada. I started the business with absolutely zero experience. I mean Zero! My research was looking across the mall at two ladies cleaning furniture-style cases for a rich-looking jewelry store. I thought they must make a lot of money to own all that expensive jewelry. I decided then and there to open a jewelry store to begin my quest to make more money than I could be working for someone else.

My criteria for hiring staff was they should not have any jewelry experience whatsoever. But they must have a positive attitude and be coachable. After reaching the top 4% of jewelry sales in Canada (and probably the rest of the world) I definitely realized the value of learning the knowledge, skills and implementation required to build a profitable business and how critical training is to the growth and profits of the business.

After selling the business to focus my time on speaking, training and consulting, it wasn’t until I was contracted as a national trainer, training Chrysler management and employees, plus the corporate personnel that I learned how different types of training fit into the entire scheme of business and the leadership skills to make it all happen…

I really enjoy the consulting side of business. My time is somewhat limited with a full time effort here at Experts Business Academy and the greatest wife and family ever, but I try to to take on at least one national client and a few local clients every year.

Some Speaking Engagement Clients

Consulting & Teaching Professional

I’m a sales & marketing type business person and there isn’t a challenge that I don’t consider as an opportunity to grow myself and within the business!

I grew up in a little town that Alexander Graham Bell and Wayne Gretzy put on the map, Brantford, Canada. I had the good fortune to study business at St John’s College and then be exposed to some of the greatest sales professionals in the life insurance business in Toronto, Canada. From the early 1970s for 20 years, I applied Napoleon Hills Law’s of Success and learned from some of the best high income earners in business. As they say, “those were the days!”

If you remember the names Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Cavet Robert, W Clement Stone, Norman Vincent Peale, they were inspirational to me for many years. Before attending the Napoleon Hill Golden Plate Dinner Awards in Dallas one year, I attended Hill’s “Laws of Success” training with W Clement Stone. I remember asking him “can I take a moment of your time?” He said “son, never ask a person if you can take a moment of their time, just take it!” I have never forgot that quick lesson and the “Do It Now” philosophy Clement Stone lived by. Well, those days are long gone…

I had my first sales job with Fuller Brush, a direct door-to-door sales organization selling household goods in Toronto, Canada. I still remember my first night knocking doors. I knocked on 118 doors and sold a little over $4.00 and received 20% commission or a whopping 0.20 cents! I remember another lesson I learned that night about commitment. I thought to myself “do I really want to do this for a living because I will starve at this rate. Maybe I better stick to my day job in the machine shop”. I thought “no I want to earn what I was worth so I will learn what it takes to do it”. It was here I made a commitment to follow my dream of becoming a top sales professional.

Before I knew it I was sitting at a Sales Congress for the Life Insurance Industry watching a inspiring speaker and thought “that’s what I want to do, speak and help others grow!” With a stroke of luck I was asked to speak at the same Sales Congress 22 years later along with Mark Victor Hansen. That was a crowning moment as I still had my original booklet with me. To top it all off, people like Asgar Ali, who taught me insurance sales 22 years earlier attended with his team. Amazing how the time flies by.

I went on to receive awards and recognition for international sales volume and quality written business in the life insurance industry. From there, I went on to become a Retail Supervisor responsible for 11 stores, then a successful business owner to a speaker, trainer and consultant. My teaching has taken me from Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. Needless to say, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been in the right place at the right time and to work with so many successful people along the way.

Boiling it down to only one person is very difficult. I had so many great teachers, first is my mother who instilled the attitude within me “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” and my father for the power of calmness, — Bill, my first sales trainer from Fuller Brush who taught me my first selling technique and ironically Robert Cialdini writes about it in his book “Influence”, — Lionel Epstein, Maritime Life Assurance Branch Manager who I learned how to manage and motivate a large business team, — Roger and Anne Beaufoy, owners of the Traveler Leather Merchants who taught me the importance of financial management, reporting and measurement, — Toastmasters and my mentor Don Devine for teaching me the art of communication and leadership, — Billy, jewelry salesman for my first business principle in consistency, building relationships, emotional hot buttons and some cash flow techniques.

In addition, there are all the people I’ve met along the way, even the unsuccessful, who taught me what not to do as well as the valuable lessons I learned from highly successful business people. I am very humbled and grateful to all the people especially my clients who gave me the chance to apply my skills and not only to help them but also to learn from them. I feel very lucky to have met these people and I will forever remain in their debt as they gave me much more that I asked for. And the list will continue because it is a continuous journey of learning new ideas, applying them and learning what works and what doesn’t…

The strategies and techniques I teach truly work and you can learn them to grow your business and put more profit in your pocket. I guarantee it, even if you’re not the fastest learner on the block or if you don’t have 5 hours a day, seven days a week to devote to sharpening your axe. As we get older, the time gets shorter, however, it’s never to late to learn. Improve your skill now, cut your learning curve, save time and do it faster with proven business tactics and strategies you can use forever. Give yourself every opportunity to make… the big business profits. Do it now!

Thanks for reading… Steve

Please feel free to contact me at steve@stevehollowaylive.com or the Experts Business Academy office at +61 812 4699 6477. I’m always open to new suggestions, ideas and just plain business talk.

And I couldn’t let you leave without you meeting my pride and joy…! My Wonderful Family.

And a special mention for those not in the picture – my lovely daughter Kim and family plus my youngest son, Jesse.

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